In Frame: Samuel + Timothy Qin

In Frame: Samuel + Timothy Qin

These two are quite the duo - similar yet different and bring their own unique flare despite the obvious.

Our students in frame: Timothy and Samuel Qin enjoy basketball, swimming, chess, piano playing, competing in UIL academic events and hanging out with friends - and the best part: they get to do it all together.

As students at a pretty competitive middle school, much like the competitiveness they share, they’ve been able to find that balance between school and life and share the same mean 95 grade point average across all subjects. That’s pretty impressive given the fact that they are able to take high school level courses as middle school students.

‘Helpful’ and ‘refreshing’ were the two words used when describing their experiences as RSA students, and they look forward to continuing their journey together here at STISD at the Science Academy in the coming school year.

It’s still a little early to tell, but as of right now, Tim aspires to one day become a detective and Sam an engineer, where they might possibly part ways for the first time as they pursue their collegiate studies and careers.

The twins are incredibly grateful for the brotherhood they share, making memories together and for the most supportive parents they could ever ask for.

When asked what the best part of being a twin was their response was pretty similar and the perfect reminder that life is never meant to do alone in fact is always better together.

Sam and Tim Qin

Full Q&A: 

Favorite hobbies? 

Samuel - playing sports (swimming, basketball, piano and chess) Favorite: competitive swimming
Timothy - hanging out and playing sports with friends

Favorite music genre? 

Samuel - Hip-hop
Timothy - Likes all genres

Favorite artist: Favorite song? 

Samuel - Rex Orange County | Amazing by Rex Orange County
Timothy - No favorite artist | I love you so by the Walters

Favorite subject? 

Samuel - Biology
Timothy - World Geography

Favorite teacher? 

Samuel - Ms. Hernandez (Biology teacher)
Timothy - Mr. Balli (Biology Teacher)

Are you involved in any extracurriculars at Rising Scholars or outside of STISD?

Samuel - Sports(Basketball & football) and clubs (NJHS, UIL and chess)
Timothy - Sports(Basketball & football) and clubs (NJHS, UIL and chess)

Outside of school: Piano competitions for both 

What has been your greatest school accomplishment so far this year?

Samuel - Keeping a 95 grade point average despite the coursework and finding that balance
Timothy - Keeping a 95 grade point average despite the coursework and finding that balance

What profession do you wish to pursue?  

Samuel - Engineering
Timothy - Detective 

Tell us one unique characteristic about yourself

Samuel - I am very patient.
Timothy - I can interact and get along well with people.

In one word, how would you describe your experience as an STISD/RSA student? 

Samuel - Helpful
Timothy - Refreshing

What advice would you give to someone on the fence about enrolling to one of our schools? 

Samuel - Do it! We have great teachers that have also proven to be great.
Timothy - There will always be someone here for you.

How have your teachers played a role in your overall well-being as a student? 

Samuel - They make learning fun by structuring their lessons to make us feel comfortable and engaged while learning.
Timothy - I always listen to everything they have to say and see how I can apply advice and teachings to my own life.

Who’s your favorite person in the whole world?  If you could tell your favorite person one thing what would it be? 

Samuel - My parents - they always make time for us and are always there. | I love you!
Timothy - My parents - they provide so much for us and go day in and day out making sure we’re good. | I love you and I really am grateful.

What’s your favorite on-campus activity? 

Samuel - The annual Color Run
Timothy - The pep rallies

Who inspires you? What do they inspire you to do?  

Samuel - My mom | She inspires me to be more responsible and overall better version of me
Timothy - My mom | She inspires me to always be prepared.

Favorite thing to do on the weekends?  

Samuel - Play games with friends and hang out at the sports complex
Timothy - Playing sports and video games with friends

What do you want to be known for?  

Samuel - Being calm and being other’s calm as well
Timothy - For being a good friend and being there for them

What would your spirit animal be? 

Samuel - Fox - likes being in groups but also likes being alone
Timothy - Nothing specific