Emergency Medical Technician

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Emergency Medical Technician

South Texas Academy for Medical Professions offers the Emergency Medical Science Course. Communities across the Unites States are experiencing a shortage of qualified EMS professionals so now is the best time to get started on your career in the healthcare field.

An In-Demand Occupation

The EMT-Basic training leads to a career with a healthy overall employment outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states, “that the number of all occupations will grow at an average rate of 11 percent between 2012 and 2022. By comparisons, the number of EMT’s working in the U.S. is expected to grow at a rate of 23 percent over the same period, creating an additional 55,300 jobs. The BLS predicts a greater need for EMTs because the elderly population of the us is growing”. https://work.chron.com/career-can-emtb-certification-29859.html

Examples of Jobs

  • Firefighter / EMT
  • Transition to Paramedic
  • Emergency Department Technician
  • Minor Emergency Technician
  • Military advantage / Combat Medic
  • Police / Law Enforcement / S.W.A.T
  • High Angle and Swifter Water Rescue


National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT)
In order to receive your certification, the EMT applicants must first receive a course completion certification from Medical Academy and then pass the NREMT exam consisting of two parts; a computer based cognitive exam and a psychomotor exam.

Responsibilities of the EMT

  • Assessing the medical needs of the sick or injured.
  • Be able to take accurate vital signs.
  • Be able to communicate effectively and efficiently.
  • Be able to identify life threats and correct them.
  • Be a patient advocate.
  • Be able to work under extreme stress.

To learn more about the Emergency Medical Technician Program, download the Program's brochure

Emergency Medical Technician Program Brochure