Future Students

Things you need to know.

When does enrollment begin?

Enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year will begin on January 16, 2016 at 10:00 AM. Students who enroll during this enrollment session will begin school the following school year (in the fall of 2016).

Can I enroll early?
You will be able to access the pre-enrollment application early (beginning at 10:00 AM on  January 16, 2016) and can begin completing the required data. However, you will not be able to reserve a spot at your desired campus until 9:00 a.m. on its designated start date during Enrollment Week. See the 
Enrollment Timeline page for a listing of the start dates.

How do I enroll?
Go to 
http://www.stisd.net/students/future_students/enrollment and click on the bright green "Begin Enrollment" button. Fill out all sections of the pre-enrollment application, and be sure to save your data along the way. Once you have completed the student data (after your last child, in the case of families enrolling multiple children), submit the form.

Do I have to drive to my selected campus in January to pre-enroll?
No. Since the pre-enrollment form is online, at www.stisd.net, you can complete it at home. If you do not have a computer or Internet access at home or elsewhere, refer to the Enrollment section of our website for a list of STISD facilities we will have open for public computer use during Enrollment Week.

Will I be required to turn in all paperwork or required records to my selected campus at the time of pre-enrollment in January?
No. You will not need to turn in your required paperwork and records until after your New Scholar Academy in the summer.

I don't have the Internet. Can you mail me a form?
Unfortunately, we no longer use paper. If you do not have the Internet at home, our three STISD libraries will be open for public computer use. Visit the
Enrollment section for contact information and addresses for these facilities.

Is the same pre-enrollment form used for all the schools?
Yes. The form, however, will ask you to select the school and grade you wish to attend. This information will be selected within the Student – School Choice section.

How will I know if I successfully reserved a seat for the upcoming school year at my desired campus?
When you select the grade level and campus name within the pre-enrollment application and click the Reserve button, you will see a notification in blue letting you know if you successfully reserved the seat you requested. This is your confirmation that your seat has been reserved. You must still proceed with the remainder of the application and save your student information, but this seat is yours so long as you complete all of the required steps.

What if I am enrolling two students at different campuses?
If you are enrolling two different students at two different campuses, you will be able to use the same application to do so. You will first need to complete all sections of the application for the first student (whichever student’s campus opens first) – including the Household, Parent, Emergency Contact and Student sections – and reserve his/her seat at the desired campus. Complete the Student section for this student, ensuring that you Save along the way, but do not submit the application. When you reaccess the application from your e-mail to complete the second record, begin from the Student section. You will see your first student listed within the Student section with a Complete status and a button that says “Add a New Student” at the bottom of the Student section page. Click that button and follow the same procedure used for the first student, ensuring that you reserve his/her seat and Save along the way. After both students have been entered, submit the application.

I visited the pre-enrollment application link again to submit an application for my second child and am unable to access the application from my confirmation e-mail. It is telling me that I have already submitted my application and cannot make any changes. What do I do?
You will need to call South Texas Independent School District Central Office immediately at (956) 565-2454 in order to have your application unlocked so that you can add your other child in a timely manner.

What information do I need to enroll?
You will need to know your social security number. If you do not have a social security number, you will need to know your state identification number. Your current school will have it, or you can call us at (956) 514-4224 to have it looked up. The rest is basic information, such as address, phone, parent/guardian and emergency contact information, and basic education information, including grade level and previously attended campuses. You will also need a valid e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can create a free account at www.gmail.com.

What are the requirements to enroll?
There are only three requirements. You must: 1) live in Cameron, Hidalgo or Willacy County; 2) attend Advisement in the spring and New Scholar Academy in the summer; and 3) submit your school records at least two weeks before school starts (e.g. final report card, immunization records).

Are there any other requirements?
You just need to pass the 6th grade or 7th grade to attend STPA or pass the 8th or 9th grade to attend an STISD high school.

When does enrollment end?
Enrollment closes when a school reaches its capacity. It can be a matter of minutes, hours, days or weeks, so it is best to enroll early.

How do I know if enrollment is still open?
If the system allows you to select the grade and school you want, enrollment is still open. If the application does not show a particular grade and/or campus and you know it is after its enrollment start date, it is closed.

How do I know if I've been accepted?
So long as you provide accurate information, you are accepted the instant you successfully submit your pre-enrollment application. The only way you can lose your seat is if you fail to comply with all three requirements listed above. You will also see a confirmation message on the screen once your pre-enrollment form has been submitted, and will receive a confirmation that your submission was received via e-mail.

What happens after I submit my enrollment form?
South Texas Independent School District Central Office will review your application to ensure all data is accurate and will pass the information along to your selected campus. The school will mail you more information two weeks later. If you do not receive a letter in three weeks, call the school.

What if I have problems submitting the form (technical problems)?
Please call our Technology Department at 956-514-0752 or 956-514-4265 or 956-514-4268 if you experience technical difficulties. Be sure to call and be sure to hold on the line (if necessary).

I'm an 8th grader right now. Can I still enroll at the junior high?
Unfortunately, only current 6th and 7th graders can enroll at the junior high. We wish you would have enrolled with us when you were still in the 7th grade! However, you can enroll at an STISD high school and begin the 9th grade with us.

I'm a 10th grader right now. Can I still enroll at the high school? Unfortunately, only current 8th and 9th graders can enroll at the high school. We wish you would have enrolled with us when you were still in the 9th grade! Though you are no longer eligible to enroll, you can still receive a quality education at your home high school if you commit to taking Pre-AP and AP classes. Good luck.

Can I apply to more than one school?
No. Once you submit your application, you will no longer be able to modify it. If you submit an enrollment form to one school and then decide you want to enroll at a different campus, you must contact South Texas Independent School District Central Office at (956) 565-2454 in order to have access to your pre-enrollment application again to modify your School Choice.

What if I'm not sure which school I want to go to?
You will need to do a little homework to make up your mind. Go to http://www.stisd.net/about_us/schools and click on the different campus names to learn more about the schools. Then go to http://www.stisd.net/students/current_students/academics and click on the campus names to see the courses you will need to take at each school.

Are there any settings I need to have on my computer to enroll online?

It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Firefox to achieve the best results. The pre-enrollment application works best with IE 8 or above and Firefox 3 or above.

What if I do not have information for my mother or father? Can I still enroll? Absolutely. You are only required to enter one parent.

Why do I not see the button for the pre-enrollment form?
Pre-enrollment has either not yet opened or has closed. For additional information regarding the schedule for pre-enrollment, visit http://www.stisd.net/students/future_students/enrollment.

Is there a waiting list if the grade level I am interested in is already full?
No. There are only a certain number of openings available within each grade level at each campus. Once these slots fill up, enrollment will close. However, if you really would like to attend STISD and are trying to enroll at one of our four high schools, we encourage you to explore the other high schools, if openings still exist.

When I call the Technology Department, my call keeps getting disconnected or I cannot get through. Who else can help me with questions?

If you are having problems enrolling and are unable to reach the Technology Department, you can call your selected campus and explain the situation. Someone at the campus will be able to assist you with reaching the Technology team or other appropriate office or help you resolve your issue. For STISD campus contact information, visit http://www.stisd.net/students/future_students/enrollment and click on Contact Us.

Can I change my session choice for Advisement or New Scholar Academy later if I need to?
Yes. To change your Advisement or New Scholar Academy session preference, you will need to reach out to your campus directly.

I applied and did not receive any information confirming my enrollment. Is there someone I can talk to who can confirm my enrollment?
Yes. If you did not receive any information confirming your pre-enrollment form submission, you can reach out to South Texas Independent School District Central Office at (956) 565-2454.